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Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is a consistent failure in building up and keeping an erection to perform the act of lovemaking. Lots of men experience this condition temporarily and occasionally, but it doesn't mean that they are struggling with erectile dysfunction. The doctors asserted it can just be viewed as erectile dysfunction when it happens all the time. The situation may not occur whenever a man wants to have sex, but it happens frequently as time passes.

The unfortunate fact is that many men around the globe have erectile dysfunction. According to a specific study conducted, there are only less than 10% of men who are looking for for medical treatment out of the 152 million men who suffered from it. The interpersonal stigma is the possible cause of the result. The image that a guy mirrors in the society is hard like a rock. When individuals knew about the illness, they might pity and put the jokes on them.

In the past, not much was identified concerning erectile dysfunction along with its treatment. Luckily, several scientists have already developed a couple of treatment concerning this condition. Men experiencing impotence don’t have to deal with the problem anymore. A very common and effective remedy for erectile dysfunction is the drug called Cialis.

Cialis was released in the market in November of 2003 upon the authorization of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. With that, patients experiencing erectile dysfunction are now able to have another choice aside from Levitra and Viagra. The advantage of this medication is that it only needs to be taken once each day. Cialis has also been licensed for usage in the UK and other European countries.

Cialis is a prescribed medicine that is taken orally. This functions by increasing the blood supply to the male organ and to its encompassing parts. If you are sexually stimulated, just like before, erection follows immediately. So long as you're engaged, Cialis can help maintain the erection up until the intercourse is performed. The pill comes in various dosage. It ranges from 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg, and 2.5 mg. The 2.5mg dosage is advisable to be taken daily. Cialis Professional is also an extra-strength formula which works faster and lasts longer. Considering it offers extra power, it is effective for as long as 36 hours. The extended effectiveness of this pill made it be known as the weekend pill. Before any prescription, the doctor will first have to examine the individual.

There are more than 8million men who tried out this drug while it is in the post marketing stage. Some 15000 men used Cialis while it is still in clinical trial. Much like any other drug, Cialis has its own side effects. It consists of flushing, runny nose, headache and the like. Never fret since after a couple of hours, the adverse reactions will diminish. The muscle pain can be felt after 12-24 hours of intake but will diminish after 48 hours.

In the US and UK, all consumers are required to have a doctor’s prescription. Cialis can even be bought in dependable online sources after going through an online consultation that verifies your eligibility and suitability to take the drug. Do keep in mind, this is an effective pill but not all men can take it.

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